So this morning I attended a Church Service with my partner to witness her friend’s two children be baptised in to the Catholic Faith.
Now don’t get me wrong I am not writing to you today to preach about the virtues of religion no not at all, in fact I am not Catholic I was there purely to offer support.
People’s personal beliefs are just that personal and private.

However what struck me was what was the purpose of these children being baptised now? The kids are 9 and 6, normally children are baptised within the first 10 weeks of birth in the Catholic Church. My interpretation of this was they were baptised to create a sense of belonging to be inclusive. These children are attending a local Catholic Primary School. 
So it really got me thinking when people join clubs why do they do that?? I mean a Church Congregation, a sporting club, a Chess Club, a Calisthenics Club, a Debating Club or say a Reading Club it was the purpose of being part of a community. We all have a need to belong and so I reckon that is why so many people I have met in the SFM community feel they are part of something special. It’s a place where you can work on being your best self, a place where you are encouraged to be your best self. 
What I’ve experienced is a community where people are happy 😁 optimistic and are excited that they have found a “way out”… a way to create a new life where they are not part of the grind, a life that can provide new energy and direction, where they can create an additional revenue stream or even replace their existing job. Now with that said people join the SFM for many different reasons. For example a week ago I spoke with a lady who’d only recently joined our business and I quizzed her on why she joined the SFM? I knew she was making several hundred thousand dollars a year in her Corporate Role so clearly it wasn’t about the money. No her motivation was “Personal Growth” the opportunity to be around like- minded motivated individuals. She wanted to see how she could improve herself and learn skills for self-development. I must say that was a fabulous response and I do feel she’s in the right place for that. 

You see our members have heaps of choices with courses and training on topics such as self-development, copy writing, sales, blogging and so much more. Why? Well we are a Partner of LinkedIn Learning so all our members have access to over 13,000 courses online for FREE when they join the SFM. The great thing about that is access to courses on just about anything…and most find they can take these skills in to their professional lives which is an absolute bonus for them.
What courses could you use to improve your skills professionally?
In the meantime if you want to see if the SFM is for you click here to submit your risk free application.
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