“Sometimes, the smallest step in the right direction ends up being the biggest step of your life. Tip toe if you must, but TAKE THE STEP.”

This was the quote of the day I saw on a magazine cover in the petrol station this morning.

This quote reminds me of a conversation I had with one of my students.

We talked about goals and how sometimes it can be so overwhelming thinking about meeting those goals because we underestimate what we’re capable of achieving.  But the most important factor when achieving anything in life..

..is making a commitment to yourself to SHOW UP every day.

That’s probably not something you wanted to hear but I have always promised to be real and say it like it is…

But all the road blocks I’ve ever encountered along the way to succeeding have been overcome because I showed up.

And the more I think about this and share it, the more I realize how true it is. 

Firstly, truly believe that big things can happen if you just start showing up.  We are taught to think that in order to make a difference, we have to make huge sacrifices and “do big things”.  The truth is, to make big changes in your life, you need to start by SHOWING UP every single day, working towards YOUR GOALS, even when it’s outside your comfort zone.

The moment you do that, and put your best into it, change will inevitably happen. 

When I began my entrepreneurial journey, to say I was overwhelmed and anxious was an understatement!  Having been a Mortgage Broker and Property Consultant for 18 years, with no experience in online marketing whatsoever, I underestimated what I was capable of doing.  But I knew that this was the direction I wanted to take and I would do anything in my ability to make it happen for myself.  I so badly wanted to do the things that were important to me in life.

So I signed up for the education, and started showing up everyday…

I was open minded, willing to learn, ready to take on challenges and learn new skill sets.

I knew it wasn’t going to be easy, but I was committed to showing up with the intention of doing my best because that was the only way I saw myself progressing.

I also focused on my journey and my journey alone not worrying about what everyone else was doing and whether they were building their business faster or bigger and better than me, no I just concentrated my energies on what I was doing, didn’t compare my progress with others, if people were ahead of me in terms of learning things that I didn’t know much about, I wouldn’t beat myself down for it.

I knew that everyone has a different journey, we’re all going to go through road blocks, we’re all going to make mistakes along the way, some may overcome it quicker than others, but at the end of the day, it’s our individual journey and if we just make that commitment to ourselves to always show up, you will ultimately figure things out.

Throughout this process, I realised that having that way of thinking could really change all aspects of my life, from my personal life to my professional life, from my relationships to my health and wellbeing. 

So I started applying this mentality to most aspects of my life. 

I’d show up to the gym most days of the week, even if I didn’t always feel like it. I knew that if I just got there and did those first few reps then I’d be up and going and I will say it’s those days when I didn’t feel like working out that were the most satisfying for me because I was able to push myself.💪

I’d show up more in my relationships by reaching out to my sister and making “that call”  to friends who I’d lost touch with… 

I’d show up more in my business, by making a commitment to learn something new every day that would help me progress further towards my goals. 

I made that commitment to show up every day in these aspects of my life, as I know that over time, I’d ultimately be making a positive difference in my life.

My message here today is that when you truly understand the power of just showing up and the power of never giving up, you will learn the true meaning of success. 

Change and growth require you to start somewhere and grow from there.

It’s one thing to make a huge leap and another to accept that each leap is a stepping stone that will take you closer and closer to your end goal. 

So{!firstname_fix}, show up for yourself this week – the things you really want – and decide to do that every day.  Like me, you’ll soon be living the life that you’ve only dreamt was possible too.
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