What a beautiful city…it’s like being in a fairytale with some of the buildings dating back to the 13th Century. Friends if you are ever in Brugge I would highly recommend staying at the van Cleef Hotel. The building is from the 15th Century and is a boutique hotel of just 17 rooms. The service is personal and attentive.
Now moving on… what I experienced over the past 2 days is how life in Brugge is much slower, in fact walking the streets I feel like my heart rate has slowed and a lot of the stress of the past is now gone. Talking to locals there is no visible stress quite the opposite in fact. I think they’re on to something here…

Here’s a short video I made for you on the importance of men looking after themselves, their physical and mental health. Ladies I do hope you understand me focusing on men here as women are much better at getter their breasts checked and at booking in for pap smears. Unfortunately too often men put their heads in the sand 😞 because they are scared of what they might find out… me I think wouldn’t you rather early intervention so you can nip something in the bud before it becomes something so much worse!! So I do hope you will accept my reasoning here…in fact it would be wonderful ladies if you could encourage the men in your lives to make sure they are doing a regular health check with their doctor once a year from aged 40 onwards. I can tell you first hand as someone who had Prostate Cancer at age 47, I had my prostate removed and if I hadn’t been getting regular annual check ups well my surgeon tells me I probably had 2-5 years before I was going to be in “real trouble” The old adage applies here bettter to be safe than sorry!


Now I do hope this video has inspired you to take action.. and that may be in the form of a walk or the gym or how about some meditation. These are all good ways to relieve stress which has been linked to cancers and other illnesses such as cardiovascular disease.
So in the meantime please do yourself a favour 🙏and invest in yourself and slow down... go for a walk each day, take a meditation class and or join a gym, you will be so glad you did.
Speaking of taking action if you want to change where you are at and hang out with highly motivated people click here to get started today (you’ll be so glad you did)

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