So folks the Digital Age is here… yes it’s not coming it’s already here! The way we do business is changing very fast. Did you know that Futurists are predicting that by 2040 that half the jobs in the world will be gone, replaced by robots or artificial intelligence. You only have to see what’s going on in China that there are people who are desperate for 💲💴 and will work for very low wages which means manufacturers in Australia and in many other countries will (unfortunately) struggle to compete on the Global stage.
More and more companies are outsourcing to India and the Philippines which once again places pressure on businesses who are seeking to reduce their costs of goods sold.
So what can we do? We can resist the change but that’s a risky strategy… in fact those that don’t move with the times will be left behind, look at what happened to Blockbuster Video and Kodak!
No body is safe in their jobs in this fast moving digital world in fact jobs that are now mainstream weren’t here 5 years ago!

For those people who are prepared to re-skill they are the ones who will be in a much better position to ride the wave 🌊 of this Digital Revolution.
I have met many people who have replaced their incomes and built online businesses often out of desperation, maybe they were retrenched or just got to the stage of hating what it is they were doing and then there are those who were making big 💰💰 but they were working ridiculously long hours so they went on to build additional revenue streams to replace their existing incomes and this lead to no longer needing to work those crazy hours and the best part was this new income generated gave them control of their time for the first time in many years if not ever!!
Many people have embraced Affiliate Marketing and what I teach is the ability to “Earn while you Learn” So if you are feeling concerned about your future then I’d encourage you to check out what I learned to do and how this could help you achieve a lifestyle free of the burden and handcuffs of a traditional job.
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Enjoy this video I made on the topic for you.

Wishing you a life of freedom

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