How often does life continue to teach us lessons?? I would say… like everyday.  Just when we think things are running smoothly and we’re in “a state of flow” along comes a distraction or event that can knock us off course if we let it, and there you have it, if we let it .The key I reckon is to be able to manage your emotions, and by doing this we keep our stress levels in check too.
For me I’ve had plenty of those moments and here are a couple of recent ones…
So picture a perfect Melbourne summer afternoon, no clouds, no sign of rain and no wind, excellent conditions to be out filming with my Osmo Gimbal which is a neat hand held kind of a selfie stick that you can walk and talk with without the screen jumping around as you walk. Now in theory that all sounds great right…
I’d recorded 10 videos and was really happy with the content. So then it’s time to upload to YouTube and of course I’d filmed vertically instead of hoirzontally. So what does that matter I hear you asking?… when you upload the videos they appear to have a border to the left and right and so when you click play the video only fills half the screen… What a dill I was like you would have thought i’d have worked that out before I started filming.

I could have really beaten up on myself but instead I said “ok I’ve just learned how NOT to set up the camera for Youtube”…but you can be rest assured I now know how to set up that camera!
Or the time I had our web developer work on my website which lead to us changing the host only to find out the existing host wouldn’t host my email without hosting the website. All things that can be frustrating and all normal in the every day scheme of things.
You see life is going to continually throw curve balls at us, things aren’t always going to work out but it’s the decisions we make about what happens that’s crucial here. How we choose to respond rather than react will be pivotal in how we manage our state/emotions. When we react to challenges that reaction is because of patterns that have become ingrained in us over time, they are our rituals some are good and some and destructive. It’s important to manage our responses in order to create positive habits and rituals, replacing bad habits with good ones. Rather than reaching for that chocolate bar or ice-cream a better choice would be a piece of fruit for example. In my case I’ve always liked a strong skinny cappuccino with 1 sugar so to create a better habit I now have a black coffee or an almond magic both without the sugar, a much better choice and helps reduce those sugar cravings.
What are some of the habits you have that you’d like to change or replace?
Money habits is another one that influences most people for good and bad… I like the saying about one’s attitude to money that goes like this “money isn’t good or bad it just gives you choices”. So with that being said if you want to look at how you can improve your money habits by creating a residual or passive income then click here to learn more and get started today to change that for the better..
Wishing you the very best with your habits.
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