Recently I was took a drive up to Melbourne’s Dandenong Ranges and decided to take a walk through the William Ricketts Sanctuary. One of the things I am prone to do is to stop and chat with people, you might have guessed by now I’m a people person.šŸ˜
Anyway I happened to get chatting to a couple and the chap told me he’s an Airline Pilot for one of Australia’s major airlines. āœˆ

Being a nice guy he asked me what it was that I did… So I said “well I teach people how to build income streams across the world so they canĀ generate šŸ’²šŸ’° while theyĀ sleep šŸ’¤” To say the least that piqued his curiosity and with that he began to share with me the stresses of his job and how he wasn’t too keen to keep going for another 20 years or so despite the fact that he was making great šŸ’²šŸ’² as an Airline Captain. He was starting to feel the pressure and the constant living out of a suitcase was wearing him down you could see from his tone he wasĀ feeling stressed and somewhat burnt out! šŸ¤¬Sound familiar?

Ā Ā  Ā It really got me thinking that it’s not all about the money, whilst money is important balance and mental and physical health are a very important part of the work/life balance.

You know we are taught in High School and UniversitiesĀ to get a good education and by doing so thisĀ will lead toĀ a good job or that we should start a business and that will lead to freedom…Well based on what I experienced as an employee in the world of sales and as a self-employed Mortgage Broker and Real Estate Agent for 18 years I can say it seemed to me to be a lifeĀ stuck on aĀ treadmill with no foreseeableĀ way of getting off… Do you know what I mean??šŸ˜« There’s not too many people who really have control of their time now are there?

As a precursor to getting off that treadmill I’d highly recommend you read “The Four Hour Work Week” by Tim Ferris. In his book he teaches the principles of building multiple income streams that once set up are basically on Auto Pilot and that’s exactly what we are doing in building an Affiliate Marketing Business with the SFM.Ā 

In the meantime here’s a video I made on my visit to the William Ricketts Sanctuary.

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