Do you know how often I hear when talking to friends and customers that they’ve had a run in with a tough colleague or their boss… Well you’ve probably also heard the saying that Winners turn failure into feedback. Now not for one minute am I underestimating how difficult run ins can be particularly when there are a lot of emotions involved. However it’s what actions and how we choose to respond to these situations that’s the really crucial part. You see I reckon it’s all a matter of perspective and it’s your perception of events that matters.
I’ve also heard over and over again, that it’s so much easier said than done. Especially when you’ve “gotten feedback” for the 10th time in a row from that boss or colleague you can’t stand, and nothing you do seems to work!

One of the things that I’ve found really helps our students turn failure into feedback, is keeping these 3 questions in mind.

The first question is “what is the positive in this situation and what’s the lesson I can learn from this?” I guess this is really two questions in one…

This is a great question to help you focus on turning failure into feedback, because it directs your thoughts and self-talk toward a positive outcome and is constructive, secondly it gets you thinking about the lesson, now I am not trying to preach here or anything but what’s the alternative?… Let’s take a look, If we allow our minds to react it will more often than not direct your thinking to what’s bad about the situation and in that case your mind will look for answers that compound the situation in terms of feedback to you that’s all bad in fact you’ll probably feel much worse! Seriously how’s that helpful ??…I’d say clearly not!

Now the second question is “ “what action can I take to solve this right now?”
The reason the question is phrased this specific way, is to convey a sense of urgency. We’ve noticed that some of our students think about solving the problems they are facing, but defer the problems until their next coaching call.
While we have coaches who are there specifically to help you solve your problems, you’re best served by using the coaches time more strategically – to help you work out your strategies, and for you to pick their brains on things that you can’t google. Most problems have solutions on Google or YouTube.

Finally, the third question. Now this question is one that you must remember NEVER to ask if you are serious about wanting to learn to turn failure into feedback. And that question is… “why me?” or any question that makes it personal, or about you.

Put these 3 questions in their proper place, and you’ll see how you start finding that you are effortlessly turning failure into feedback, and finding one success after another.

I learnt this when in my previous life as a Mortgage Broker for 18 years, I was used to finding finance solutions for my clients, but finding marketing solutions for myself was something that was completely new to me, like completely!… Once I learnt these strategies, there was no looking back.
Mindset issues are just one of the many things that we deal with, and is truly the biggest barrier to your success. In the words of the late great Jim Rohn “work harder on yourself than you do on your job.”  When it comes to building an Online Business is you get a blueprint, basically a step by step how to. For me working with the Six Figure Mentors I can say these guys are amazing. I mean you don’t get to be a partner of Linkedin Learning and have access to over 6,500 online courses unless you are pretty serious and of course LinkedIn have thoroughly checked you out.

So I reckon next time you are faced with a work situation that is challenging you remember the 3 questions.

What’s positive about this and what can I learn from this situation?

What action can I take to solve this right now? and finally do NOT ask this question Why Me?

So give it a try and let me know how you got on.

In the meantime if would like help with this and other mindset and technical training on where to start and how to go about building an online business whether it be in Affiliate Marketing (that is marketing other people’s products for a referral commission) or eCommerce to market on Amazon, EBay, Shopify and other platforms then Click here to submit your application and I will get you started.

To your success!


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