I was anxious to share this story with you today about my mate Mark in London who along with 23 other of his friends made the decision to jump out of a plane 2 days ago…

Why you might be thinking would he want to do that?? Well he explained to me the following…He was raising money for a Charity called Victoria’s Promise which supports Cancer Research and he went on to tell me that 13 years ago his dad died of Lung Cancer. 😔 
So as Mark was ascending the fellow who was the Tandem Instructor was saying to him…”We’re at 1000ft, now we’re at 2,000ft and so on until they reached 12,500 and it was Marks’ turn to jump! So I asked him “Mate how did you feel knowing it was time to jump?” Well he responded like this…

I had a choice I could let the fear overwhelm and consume me or I could do the opposite. Well he chose the latter. What Mark said to himself was “Dad we’re doing this together, we’re in this together and we’re going to jump out of this plane together”… You get the drift!

You see Mark made a decision in fact to embrace the fear and take on his mindset and realised that these were just thoughts that he could control. 
We all get consumed by fear don’t we {!firstname_fix} but it’s how we choose to process these fears that determine how we manage them. 
Remember the words of the late great Zig Ziglar FEAR – False Evidence Appearing Real.. and the other one I really like is Feel the Fear and Do it Anyway. 💪

Many of those who we consider to be brave or fearless do have FEARS it’s just that they decide to push them aside, whilst they may well acknowledge them they don’t get paralysed by their fears.

I liken it a bit to starting an Online Business…it’s a bit of the FEAR of the Unknown but I reckon what have you got to lose by seeing out whether an Online Business can work for you??
Check out today’s video below where I talk about this very topic.

Well after all that if you’re ready to take on a new challenge and explore what an Online Business could look like for you click here to submit your risk free application today
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