Well I reckon that’s a great question…
So often in life we allow external events to control and influence our actions. We just seem to end up on automatic pilot and allow life to kinda get in the way!!…
We start out with well meaning intentions but inevitably life has it’s way with us and before we know it we’ve broken the diet, stopped exercising, stopped making the calls, stopped smiling, stopped being kind to others, become short with our kids!! I think you get the drift of what I’m talking about.
I reckon though with a little more conscious thought on our behalf we can take charge and correct this behaviour before we create a new unconscious habit. We need to break the pattern and interrupt our actions and as the title says “Hey who’s in charge around here anyway?? We can be the CEO – (Chief Executive Officer) the BIG Boss, the one that’s in charge of our lives but only if we are prepared to take responsibility.

I’ve spoken about taking charge by rewriting the script of our live…If there’s something you don’t like about how your life is going, you and only YOU have the power to change it. Remember in the words of Brian Tracey that “if you don’t like the script of your life then rewrite it.” You and only you have the power to change your thoughts actions and behaviours. I truly hope this message helps empower you to make the changes you know you need to make.
Here’s a video I filmed whilst I was in the park for you guys.<

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