How has your week started out so far? I hope it’s going well for you…
Well I was thinking about two key attributes of what makes some people successful and others not so and they are Persistency and Consistency. Those that make it in anything in life have these things in spades! They have the ability to persist and that is usually because they are clear on their reasons WHY they need to persist particulary when the going gets tough and they face the inevitable ups and downs along the way that life just always seems to throw up.
The second attribute or habit is that of Consistency and it is very important to be consistent in our actions and habits if we want good outcomes. You need to be able to stay the journey.
People, I reckon fail in life because they lack these two crucial habits. So if you want to WIN 🏆more often then you need to be very clear on your WHY or PURPOSE and once you have this sorted you are much more likely with Persistency and Consistency to be able to achieve your goals.
When we don’t have a choice but to succeed then there will be no stopping us…It reminds me of the famous saying by Hernan Cortes in 1519 when he landed with his troops at Veracruz . He ordered his men to burn the ships, so that there was only one way forward. They could go back in to the sea but the ships weren’t there so it was Victory or Death.
Here’s this morning’s video that covers this off for you. Oh and look out for the lovely chap who cycles by me with his greeting…📽 🚲 Click below to watch…

So if you are ready to burn the ships and grab your Victory click here to submit your application now. 💪

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