So earlier this week I was chatting with a friend of mine who started her Online Business around 18 months ago with her husband. She was telling me about her Grandad who had fallen ill and it was touch and go as to whether or not he was going to make it! 🙏😟
She went on to say how she spent all week at the hospital and by the end of the week there was great news...he was going to be OK and that he was out of intensive care and was on the road to recovery.
As the dust began to settle she said she started to reflect on how fortunate she felt that she didn’t have to ask a boss for time off or feel guilty about spending the whole week at the hospital. In fact it didn’t even cross her mind as she just did what she needed to do.
What really hit home for her was how it was liberating knowing she could just do what she needed to do. Unfortunately most people when faced with a similar situation wouldn’t be able to just drop everything and be there for their loved ones…
The other thing she liked and I guess was a bonus was that income continued to be generated by her business even though she wasn’t present because she had taken the time to set it up right in the first place.
My video below explains this for you.

So just imagine if you were faced with such a situation and please I am not wishing that upon you not ever but imagine…would you have the ability to just drop everything and be there without any questions being asked by a boss? Even if it was your business knowing you could leave that business and it would continue to run without you like on automatic pilot how would that be?? Because that’s exactly what an Online Business can do for you.

I hope you found this article helpful.
In the meantime Wishing you Much Success

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