I had the pleasure of staying in the beautiful Belgian town of Bruges. When I arrived after my 3 trains from Amsterdam it was already early evening.
After settling in to my room it was time for a bite to eat and so off I marched down one of the cobbled streets and stopped off at a quaint little Italian Restaurant where I enjoyed a pasta with a local beer and a glass of red wine.

So I thought I’d wander in to the town square for a bit of a sticky beak. When it was time to head back to my hotel I got a bit lost…many of the streets looked the same and it wasn’t until I turned on my GPS (as data roaming is very expensive when travelling overseas) that I realised just how lost I really was. I could have walked down any number of these streets and in fact because I didn’t really have a plan I worked out that I had gone around in circles!🤣

It made me think that we all need a plan, a direction to head towards because no matter what it is in life we’re doing it’s so darn easy to just drift along and that’s when we become disatisfied and even depressed…

It reminds me of my time in finance and property where over a period of years it became very clear to me that I wasn’t enjoying my work any more…yes I’d become one unhappy little vegemite 😧

When quite by accident I stumbled on to or in to this opportunity to build an online business. I was curious for sure and I knew I had to check it out. I just went with my gut, as I’ve always been pretty open minded. 

Many people aren’t like that I know they have what’s known as “HEALTHY SCEPTICISM.

So if you’re one of those people with Healthy Scepticism then I’d suggest you consider this great quote “The mind works best like a parachute when it’s open.”

With that said I can tell you I knew nothing about online businesses l but I knew that the internet was the way of the future so with that said I put together a plan with some self imposed deadlines and with some good coaching well I am definitely on my way. I’m not there yet not by any stretch but yes I am certainly going the right way.

So just like my time in Bruges had I had a map and knew where I was headed I could have saved myself some time and frustration…

So with that all said here’s a video I made in Bruges for you. 📽👇

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