Unfortunately for us Aussies there was no fairytale podium finish for Daniel Ricciardo. Atter an aggressive move on the opening lap saw his front wing go flying and in to the pits he had to go. The rest of the afternoon for our Daniel didn’t improve and it wasn’t long before his debut with Team Renault was over.
So to the winner goes the spoils and today it was Mercedes once again but this time no it wasn’t Lewis Hamilton as we have come to expect but rather his teammate Finnish driver Valtteri Bottas who won by a huge margin.
Not only did he win the race but on lap 57 of 58 he set the fastest lap of the race and picked up an extra championship point the first time the Formula One Grand Prix have gone with this new format.
What I found interesting was the post race interview conducted by Britain’s Martin Brundle with the race winner who genuinely seemed to be in shock and somewhat lost for words in trying to explain what had just happened.
It was a faultless drive for the Finn.
Looking back on 2018 Bottas did not win a single race. In fact after the end of the 2018 season he returned to Finland to spend time with friends and family and made sure he was very fit for the 2019 F1 year. Clearly he reset his goals and must have huge self belief. During the interview with Martin Brundle Bottas revealed how he also had been working very hard on training his mind.  
So there you have it… the power of the mind can be your best friend or an enemy. The key is the choices we make and what we teach our mind to focus on and believe. The brain is our computer and will respond to what we ask of it. Think of it like our own version of Google. If we ask our brain to find reasons why we are good at something or to focus on how we can improve at something our brain will search for evidence to support our request. On the flip side if we ask negative questions such as why am I hopeless at or why am I a overweight our brain will find reasons and evidence to support our questions in the negative. So it’s very important to ask what Tony Robbins would refer to as “Quality Questions” that is questions that help draw us closer to our goal. For example What am I happy about or What could I be happy about?
So as you are about to kick off the beginning of another week please be mindful of the questions you ask yourself as that computer of yours is a very powerful processor.
Wishing you a fabulous week ahead.

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