So let me ask you straight out ” are you working to live or living to work?” Well I thought this is such a great question seeing 5/7ths of our week as an adult is spent working for at least 40 years. We often seem to lose our sense of ourselves and are caught on that inevitable treadmill loop. You work all week at least Monday to Friday have two days respite then have to do it all over again another Monday to Friday and so I wanted to share this video with you from Prince Ea titled “Working to Live or Living to Work”. I can really relate to his message having previously been stuck in the “grind” of working and not being happy but not really knowing any different or how to make changes.I knew I wanted my life to change i just didn’t know how to create that bridge to make it happen. I didn’t understand what options there were for me what I could do to “escape the rat race”…

Affiliate Marketing or building an online business has really given me that sense of direction that clarity that I don’t have to be like everyone else, that I don’t just have to conform and lead a life like those around me and like those before me all because that’s the way its always been done but that I celebrate being different and create my own path, a life of my choosing so that I can be the best version of me and that way truly make a more positive contribution to my family friends and those around me. I too can make a difference but its having the courage the sense of purpose the WHY. I no longer live to work but work in order to live my best life and with that said I strongly encourage you to watch Prince Ea’s video and completely open your mind to the possibilities of what your best life could be.

I’d encourage you to listen to it. I reckon it makes a lot of sense…it goes for just under 3 and half minutes.

Here’s the Video below for you.

In it he talks about the importance of Moments that our lives are made up of a series of moments. He says

that “no one in history has ever been able to hold one not a single soul” that there’s “no do over, no rewind to a previous scene”…

This really got to me I must say because I know I certainly like to reflect/reminisce about things I’ve done in the past and when I really thought about what he’s saying whilst it’s so simple it’s true. We can’t go back we can’t.. once time has passed it’s gone it’s done ..there’s no rewind button at all ever.

So my message for you is as you think about what it is you’re going to do this weekend and with whom really think about what sort of moments you want to create and make a plan to go about creating them.

I hope you find this video as challenging as I found it, in fact I had to watch it over several times to really have the message sink in. >>>Watch the video here

Have an awesome weekend full of moments! Start Creating your moments today. Submit your risk free application here.


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