One of the things I’ve always cherished is on Saturdays knowing that when I go to bed I still have another day up my sleeve before I have to get back in to it. For me there’s nothing better than catching up with friends or family for a dinner knowing Sunday is still to come. The other thing I love to do on a Saturday is catch up during the day with mates and watch the footy in Melbourne even on those cold winter days! I barrack for Collingwood in the AFL which is the team if you don’t follow them that¬†everyone loves to hate!!ūüėā

Weekends are a great time to not only recharge but to refocus our energy on what’s most important. I mean during the week we are soooo busy running around. We get up early, exercise, meditate, read something positive set up our plan for the day (well that’s what I do) and get out the door and in to the traffic. I used to do that,have to get out the door and into the traffic and deal with the hostility of other drivers who are all in a hurry and don’t start me about people who text while they drive or text whilst sitting at the lights!! I used to do that but I don’t anymore particularly after a friend of mine lost her last demerit points for checking her email at the traffic lights. She’s going to lose her licence, (she’d already lost 9 out of 12 of her demerit points) I now leave my phone in my console and don’t look at it or touch it when I’m driving.

During the day its rush rush rush and then at the end of the day we jump back in to the traffic with everyone else who just wants to get home and by the time we walk in the door we’re stuffed…we do this typically Monday to Friday.

Anyway back to my story…many of the people I mix with use this time at the weekend to see if they are on target with their goals. I do the same but I also like to a deeper re-evaluation on a¬†¬†quarterly basis. I review where I’m at relative to my values, my goals and what’s important to me. I reckon¬†it’s¬†so easy to get off course because life seems to pull us in all sorts of¬†directions. There’s work, kids, work, personal relationships, work, exercise, social, work, sport, kids… I think you get the drift!

I think reviewing and¬†re-assessing where we’re at¬†can be a lot like¬†sailing.¬†There’s the endless planning the setting of the goal, reviewing the goal¬†to see if we are on target which is much like looking at the map and working out where you are and where the wind is, where’s your competition and are you even on course.

Quite often we¬†drift off course without even knowing it.There’s lots of distractions…

When sailing the skipper needs to make sure the crew are working together harmoniously just like us in our daily work.
When we take time out say on a Saturday to review there will be inevitable times of self-doubt and that’s where we need to look at our values to see if our current set of behaviours are aligned to our “ideal day”.
Values can change over time and that has certainly been the case for me.

In my Business Principles Videos¬†Principle number 4 looks at “Know Your Values”¬†

Challenging times can certainly force us to review our values. I hope you decide to make it a quarterly “must do” rather than wait for a difficult life event, gosh knows I’ve been guilty of that…hey better to get ahead of the curve so to speak don’t you think?

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Wishing you much success.

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