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The story of a professional affiliate marketer



Professional affiliate marketer and digital business consultant

I live in Melbourne, Australia.


I have been involved in the mortgage-finance and investment property sector for the past 18 Years. When I joined the mortgage industry, it would be fair to say it was very different to how it is now. I built my mortgage business based on providing great service. I started without any clients and I essentially called accountants asking if they would like to build a referral business with me. Along the way, I formed relationships with developers and specialised in providing solutions for investors. In particular, those who wanted to unlock equity in their properties for future investment in other properties. This went very well for me from January 2001 up until the global financial crisis of 2007/2008, when funding dried up and before I knew it, my business revenue dropped 75% almost overnight.

It would be fair to say I was under a lot of pressure, having had staff at the time and a number of significant overheads such as mortgages on properties, cars that were financed, staff salaries, office rent and private school fees for my 2 boys. I had to make some significant changes and fast, and that was when I was introduced to the idea of marketing off-market investment properties across Australia in what is referred to as “channel marketing”. This went well for me, essentially saving me.

Now, fast-forward to September 2014, and still with a lot of debt, I took a trip to my doctor for my annual checkup. It was this doctors appointment that would come to shape the direction of my life. I was told I had an elevated PSA (prostate specific antigen), which is a test used to help detect prostate cancer. My doctor referred me to a urologist where I underwent a biopsy. A week later, I casually called my urologist, not really thinking anything of it. However the call turned out to be a difficult one for me in that it wasn’t the news I was hoping to hear. I was told I had a tumour. A week later, I was in his office being handed a prostate cancer kit and in the week following, I was being booked in for surgery to have my prostate removed. On Tuesday 16 December, 2014, I underwent a radical prostatectomy. Whilst in recovery, my surgeon visited me where he revealed to me that I had “a fair bit of cancer”, estimating that I “probably had 2-5 years before I would have been in a fair bit of trouble! I was so relieved to know that these simple annual checks, in effect, saved my life and I am ever so grateful to Doctor Bernie Crimmins for referring me to my urologist – Associate Professor Nathan Lawrentschuk.




Over the coming months, I took a step back and began thinking more and more about what was important to me. I questioned what life was all about and just how precious and fickle it can be. I decided mid-way through 2018 that I was going to make a break from finance and investment property sales and focus full time on affiliate marketing. It was 3 months in to my journey with the SFM (the Six Figure Mentors) that I attended the “Brand Incubator” workshop on the Gold Coast in Queensland. Over that 3 days, what I came to learn was the importance of understanding and identifying my values, my skills and my purpose. On the final night of the workshop, it became very clear in my mind what my passion was. I realised that what drove me is the desire to educate men around on the importance of getting a yearly health-check for prostate cancer. You see, it’s a silent-killer with no visible symptoms until it’s too late. My other passion is men’s mental and physical health. I have personally lost 4 school friends to suicide and a number of acquaintances who also made the choice to end their lives. By attending the Brand Incubator workshop, what became clear to me was by being a part of the SFM Community, I would be able to connect with other men battling mental health and have a big impact in protecting and saving men’s lives.

I am proud to say I have recently been invited to join the Victorian committee of the Lord’s Taverners – a national cricket charity that gives financial support to young people who want want to play cricket but may be disadvantaged by financial constraints, geographical isolation or a physical or intellectual disability.

I am a passionate Cricket and Australian Rules lover, but it would be fair to say that I love sport in general. I am a very proud dad to two boys and love to watch their successes in sport, education and life. I also love to spend time walking my dog, Milo around the trails of Melbourne.

Philip's Mission

Philip’s Purpose

To stand proudly with others in their corner, for them to confidently know they matter so that they have the courage and ability to live their life by following their own authentic journey.



Philip's Vision

Philip’s Vision

To help ourselves and as many other people as possible live the life we choose. We have the privilege of life, so let’s make it a ride to remember, without any regrets.

Business Model

Philip’s Business Model

My Digital World Lifestyle is paid commissions as consultants by recommending and reselling products and services they trust and use themselves from other companies.

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